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Intrepid Management provides full-service management to existing communities including residential apartment complexes, and new project development. Our experienced staff believes in a hands-on, personal, team approach to property management. We recognize the individual requirements of each property and we tailor the management program to meet those special needs. Through our experienced and result driven approach and a never-ending aim for capital improvements, we continue to provide outstanding value and service to all properties that we manage and strive to maintain the comfort, beauty, and safety of each community we serve.


 2015 Exceptional Ratings


Brierwood Apartments- 99a

Foster Collier Gordon Manor- 88c

First Step Apartments- 95b

Jackson County Housing- 95a

Mature Living of Tuckerman- 99a

Rosewood Apartments- 91a

Luxora Gardens- 98a

Birdsong Gardens- 90b

Mature Living of Leachville- 99a

Osceola Gardens- 96

 Haynes House - 99a

River Manor - 99c

Cross County - 99a

Big Country - 93c

Stuttgart Apts - 95b

Protho Manor - 85c




A saluted acknowledgement to all people involved in the outstanding achievements!



Intrepid Management
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