Employment Opportunities

April 23, 2013

We are seeking personnel for upcoming positions that will be available within the next 90 days throughout the state of Arkansas.

Resumes are currently being accepted for regional and/or site management, and maintenance personnel.  Please e-mail work experience, responsibilities being seeked, pay scale and benefits desired, and availablity to begin work to the e-mail address below. 

Within 10 days of receipt of the above requested information you will receive an e-mail back of the status of an interview with Intrepid Management.  Please refrain from contacting the office for additional information or the status of an employment opportunity with us. 


Email Resume to: cknoerr@intrepidinc.net


 2015 Exceptional Ratings


Brierwood Apartments- 99a

Foster Collier Gordon Manor- 88c

First Step Apartments- 95b

Jackson County Housing- 95a

Mature Living of Tuckerman- 99a

Rosewood Apartments- 91a

Luxora Gardens- 98a

Birdsong Gardens- 90b

Mature Living of Leachville- 99a

Osceola Gardens- 96

 Haynes House - 99a

River Manor - 99c

Cross County - 99a

Big Country - 93c

Stuttgart Apts - 95b

Protho Manor - 85c




A saluted acknowledgement to all people involved in the outstanding achievements!



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