Highest REAC Scores in the Industry

How can you prevent a low REAC score for your Property? The answer is you must be prepared. The solution to proper preparation is experience and knowledge of the REAC Process. The guides and regulations governing REAC are long and complicated. The scoring system is complex. Inspectors are not always consistent. The Property often suffers from this lack of consistency.

On January 1, 2008, HUD released a revised REAC Compilation Bulletin. This 31 page document incorporates all previous guidance from HUD regarding physical inspections, provides answers to the most commonly asked questions from inspectors in the field and clarifies certain areas of inspection protocol. HUD’s goal – to further insure physical inspections are objective and conducted in accordance with protocol.

The new guidelines and protocols from HUD are only part of the solution. Owners and Managers must make every effort to ensure they have a complete and accurate understanding of the entire process. Intrepid Management uses a comprehensive tried and true method whereby the entire property receives a total review of all areas concerning REAC.

While HUD has supplied REAC Inspectors with additional training and reinforced protocol in an effort to increase uniformity of inspections and inspectors, many of the results are still subjective and must be closely monitored by the management team.

How often you are inspected is based completely on your score, the higher the score, the less often you will be inspected. Scores of 60 and below can create a Default under the Regulatory Agreement, HAP Contract and/or Use Agreement. Receiving a repeat score of Under 60 can result in a  property going into default.

It is very important that you have a management team that understands the importance of the REAC Environment and has the experience and proven track record to ensure a property's continued compliance.


If you are seeking consulting assistance with preparing for a REAC inspection contact Intrepid Management by


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 2015 Exceptional Ratings


Brierwood Apartments- 99a

Foster Collier Gordon Manor- 88c

First Step Apartments- 95b

Jackson County Housing- 95a

Mature Living of Tuckerman- 99a

Rosewood Apartments- 91a

Luxora Gardens- 98a

Birdsong Gardens- 90b

Mature Living of Leachville- 99a

Osceola Gardens- 96

 Haynes House - 99a

River Manor - 99c

Cross County - 99a

Big Country - 93c

Stuttgart Apts - 95b

Protho Manor - 85c




A saluted acknowledgement to all people involved in the outstanding achievements!



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